AmazonBasics 70-Inch Pistol Grip Tripod Review (in 2023)

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AmazonBasics 70 Tripod is a very well-designed and well-made tripod. It has a very smooth finish and the color looks amazing as well.

This is at least 50% cheaper than most other tripods under $150. For the price, it is a very good tripod to buy.

Let’s Drive-in!

AmazonBasics 70-Inch (Detailed Review)

AmazonBasics is one of the most popular best budget-friendly tripods. They offer different types of tripods which meet the requirements of everyone at a very affordable price.

The AmazonBasics 70-inch Lightweight Camera Mount Tripod is one such tripod. It is one of the simplest tripods for travelers. But, the chances are it will be perfectly adequate for your needs.

The simplest tripod is available on Amazon and comes with its own bag, which is quite impressive considering its price.

In fact, this tripod should be your choice if you are looking for the best tripod under 100 dollars

Features Of AmazonBasics 70-Inch Pistol Grip: 

  • Quick-release mounting plate.
  • Smooth, fluid adjustment.
  • Built-in levels.
  • Retractable metal spikes.
  • Foam leg grips.
  • Carrying case.
  • Max height: 70″ (177.8 cm)
  • Min height: 32″ (81.3 cm);
  • Max supportable weight: 11 lbs (5 kg)

Build, Material, and Quality

At the time of writing the AmazonBasics 70-Inch Tripod review is one of the most economic and sturdiest tripods under $100 in the market. 

The tripod is mostly made of aluminum. The holding sections and joints are made of high-quality plastic.

The tripod weighs just over 8.1 lbs or 3.6 kg. Therefore, you can carry it with you for long time periods quite easily.

As I told you portability is not something you can boast about this tripod and this is the second reason after its packing height.

The maximum height of the tripod is 70 inches. It is more than sufficient for most situations despite the fact that it does not reach the eye level of an adult.

 AmazonBasics 70-Inch Pistol Grip Tripod with Bag is a quality tripod that not only beginners but also professional photographers can also use. It is a collapsible tripod with a collapsed height of 32 inches.

The legs can contract and handles can rotate down. The tripod becomes very short and compact when collapsed. The surface level checker enables you to set your camera parallel to a horizontal plane as well.

If you want that the tripod delivers its best then use the maximum load of 11 pounds which is about 5 kg with this tripod. Furthermore, the pistol grip allows your camera to click from different angles

There are different types of tripods are available in the market. Some tripods are very simple to use and can be easily operated by anyone.

However, some are professional tripods that have complicated functions and are used by professional photographers.

Moreover, professional tripods are expensive as well. AmazonBasics 70-Inch Pistol Grip Tripod with Bag is a simple tripod with simple functions so that anyone can easily use it.


  • Very Sturdy Build,
  • Smooth, versatile,
  • Quick adjustment capability
  • Extends from 34.4 inches to 72.6 inches
  • Excellent performance
  • Two Built-in bubble levels.
  • Extend and collapse quickly.
  • Come with a carry bag that barely serves the purpose.


  • big size,
  • bulky, and heavy.
  • unable to fit a small-sized suitcase.


Actually, it’s not recommended for use with heavy, high-end DSLR cameras. It is a compact size tripod.

Moreover, it is very light in weight so people who love traveling and photography love to use this tripod because they can easily carry this tripod with them on their trips.

However, it is a super sturdy tripod but the rubber feet of this tripod make this tripod sturdy even on slippery and uneven surfaces.

Thus you can click the perfect sharp images on any type of surface easily.

It is an amazing tripod it also avoids the falling down of your device on the surface of the ground so you can mount your device on this tripod without any worry.

In simple words, it is an amazing tripod that is made of good quality material, has great features, and is available at a very reasonable price.

Moreover, it comes with a carry bag which makes it easier to carry this tripod with you anywhere. It is a tripod that you can use for your indoor and outdoor shoots.

A good quality tripod always delivers you the best quality results and AmazonBasics 70-Inch Pistol Grip Tripod is one of them.

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