5 Best Tripod for Real Estate Photography (#3 is Better)

Last updated on February 17th, 2022

We provide you the best information about the best tripod for real estate. Looking for the best tripod for real estate photography? We compared the best tripods for real estate photography. I will help you choose the right tripod, in this article you find 5 best tripods for real estate photography.

5 Best Best Real Estate Photography Tripod 2022

There are lots of recommendations about real estate photography gear on the web, but how to find the best and steady one? What technical characteristics matter? Having rich experience in real estate photography, I will help you choose the right tripod.

A tripod is an essential real estate photography gear that can make your photos look perfect and sharp. You can’t find a universal or one-size-fits-all model for all types of photoshoots. If you specialize in property photography, don’t try to buy the world’s best tripod. Instead of that, read the review of 5 modern tripods recommended by the experts.


If you are a travel photographer and want to find the best travel tripod, pay attention to this model. The design is compact and ergonomic.

This VX-18M professional tripod offers excellent stability with the two-stage aluminum tube, perfect for rugged cameras and heavy loads camcorders.

Do you dream of a tripod that can exceed users’ expectations? I offer you a perfect model that can be considered the best tripod for real estate photography.

Disadvantages are hard to find, they are almost unnoticeable. A buyer also receives a bag for the tripod.

Of course, this model isn’t so famous as, for instance, Joby GripTight or ONE GorillaPod, which are the best iPhone tripods. But I recommend this model as the one with the best tripod head for architectural photography.

2. Manfrotto 290

It’s still the classic rock-solid 290 tripod but it features a new style and technical functions. The 290 Xtra has become more flexible thanks to the new 4 leg angle positions that allow photographers to be much more creative.

The best choice for those, who prefer European quality. I recommend it as one of the best real estate tripods from a well-known Italian brand.

A nice bonus is that it comes with a convenient bag for carrying. Many real estate photographers like this model because it helps take photos from all angles with four leg angle positions

3. TYCKA 55” ultra

If you are a photographer and want to find the best DSLR tripod, pay attention to this model. The design is compact and ergonomic. It comes with a nice carrying bag. The weight is also smaller than other alternative variants of the same size.

The price is reasonable too. Using 2 independent control knobs and a ball-head, you can rotate the tripod 360°. It helps the photographer receive an excellent result permanently.

The 2 levels of the ball head make it possible to get the sharpest photo. The perfect crafted fork is a little detail that guarantees the good quality of this model.


You can take sharp panoramic photos and transform them into a monopod. Made of aluminum alloy, it is a good variant for those, who have expensive and the best camera for real estate photography that should fall on the floor while taking photos.

Do you want to purchase equipment that works for a long time? Do you need a reliable model both for taking real estate videos and photos? The quick change from low to high-angle shooting makes this tripod the right choice for you.

The diversity of shooting and framing possibilities, locking pan, vertical tilt knob, and elevation ensures effective work.

5. Benro Mach 3

As part of Benro’s most advanced range of photo tripods. Maintaining the position from one shot to another is a useful feature for professional interior architectural photography.

This model has such a function. Thanks to hex head adjustments, the legs don’t flop around after several years of exploitation.

It’s possible to tighten the main column in up or down positions. I think that it’s convenient to fix legs, so I can change rooms, adjusting only the center column. Using a “Benro” professional photography tripod ensures quality.

How to Choose Tripod for Real Estate Photography

The tripod has become quite popular additional equipment among photographers. That explains a broad variety of them that serves different photography purposes. The question is how to find the best professional tripod specifically for real estate photography?

Stability: It seems that any tripod is going to magically keep everything safe and stable by default. After all, professionals use it to create sharp and clear images. You’ll be surprised though, how many tripods are shaky and can’t work like this

Height: The professional photography tripod is of the photographer’s height. That’s an ideal scenario in which you don’t need to constantly bend to look into the viewfinder.

It may cause health problems and you won’t be as patient as you could be. This means that you’ll agree with the less satisfying result just because of tiredness.

The set-up tripod should be on your eyes level, not below; if it’s higher, there’s no problem, you can regulate the legs to match your head.

Precise Adjustments: Stability and height are the essential factors but there’s another aspect to take into account. You don’t want to feel limited by the angle perspective. The best tripod for photography is adjustable and lets you be in charge and take control of your hands

Durability: When one wants to invest, he/she should remember the durability factor. Good real estate photography gear doesn’t come with a trifling price. Obviously, you have to be attentive and selective to choose a tripod that will function many years ahead.

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