6 Best Tripod Under 300 in 2023 (Buyer’s Guide & Reviews)

Last updated on July 29th, 2023

Were you thinking about getting a brand new tripod under 300 to take up into the mountains to shoot glorious landscapes along with your DSLR camera?

Or maybe you are a videographer looking to stabilize your shots on your future adventure trip. 

Whether you shoot stills or video, a lightweight tripod for your DSLR is just as important as the camera itself when it comes to taking high-quality images.

Your photos will get the same quality level when you have a high-quality tripod.

A camera tripod can be a part of your kit which is of a bit essential for taking a photo shoot or videos, but finding the right one can be confusing, time-consuming, and, let’s face it, dull. 

That’s why we’ve done all the supportable know-how work for you and picked the chosen top camera tripod under 300, whether you shoot landscapes, macro, stills, video, or whatever. You’re welcome.

Top 6 Best Tripod Under $300 in 2023

1. Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100

Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 is an aluminum tripod that comes with SBH-100 Ball Head for Sony, Nikon, Canon DSLR, and more. It is one of the best tripods for under 200 dollars.

Since it launched 8 years ago, it has been and is arguably still one of the best tripods that money can buy.

The Vanguard Alta Pro is made from aluminum, and the construction of the legs means this tripod can practically lay flat, allowing you to capture gorgeous images from very low angles.

Also, The Vanguard Alta Pro comes with aluminum alloy legs that have settings for 25°, 50°, and 80° with easy-release buttons for quick set-up.

Even if the Alta Pro 263AB 100 has the instant Swivel Stop-n-Lock (ISSL) System securely repositions the central column in one simple movement.

However, the premium magnesium die-cast canopy, removable accessory hook, and anti-shock ring.

A little on the heavy side, the flip-lock legs are designed to hold up to 15.4 pounds of your camera and gear. It also comes with the SBH-100 ball head that remains sturdy and smooth.

You can even add a bubble leveler. And the Alta Pro is renowned for its use of the innovative MACC (Multi-Angle Central Column) system, which allows the center column to be rotated up to 180 degrees.

It is one of my favorite tripods since 2020 and it is also A real favorite for all photographers in the world. Overall, Vanguard Alta Pro is an affordable & better option for savvy travelers videographers, and more!


  • Sturdy
  • Flexible
  • Horizontal Center Column
  • Medium Size & Weight
  • Excellent stability and versatility


  • No 3-Way Head

2. Manfrotto MKBFRA4-BH BeFree 

Manfrotto MKBFRA4-BH BeFree is the best tripod for under 300 dollars. If you’re looking for a great tripod that is very light and doesn’t sacrifice too much durability, then I suggest the Manfrotto BeFree.

The Manfrotto BeFree is a reliable and lightweight tripod that is great for backpacking and demanding professional shoots.

It has the usual bells and whistles that a good tripod should have and all at a great price. It also comes with a couple of color options like Black with either; Red, Blue, Gray, or Green accents.

The unique design of this tripod with a head ensures your camera stays firmly locked in position. And the tripod legs are composed of 4 sections and are locked via flip mechanisms.

Like the Alta Pro, you’ll have to tighten these locks periodically. The feet of the tripod are made of rubber, which is good for gripping no matter wherever you stand the tripod.

In my personal experience, I find it quite a flexible tripod because it’s easily fixed via replaced parts though still a little irritating. Its small size and portability don’t mean compromising on sturdiness and image quality.

It delivers sharp images by keeping your camera steadily locked in the desired position. Its new aluminum ball head is solid, quick, and simple to operate.

The Manfrotto BeFree can hold up to 8.8lb, guaranteeing stability and sturdiness even with longer zoom lenses.

And the new patented leg angle selectors quickly allow you to select between two angles offering maximum versatility for camera positioning.

It also comes with premium Italian design and finishing making BeFree stand out from the crowd. The perfect accessory to express each photographer’s individual unique photographic style.


  • Reliable
  • Very quick and easy to use
  • One of the lightest (aluminum) tripods available


  • Not suitable for larger DSLRs

3. Benro SystemGo Plus

Benro SystemGo Plus is another best tripod under 300 bucks. This series is the first to offer the compactness of a travel tripod with a versatile center column!

It is constructed from aluminum tubing with machined aluminum and magnesium alloy components. It combines reverse folding legs that wrap around the center column providing a more compact unit for transportation.

Benro has a versatile center column that can be removed from its conventional vertical position.

It also can be swung through a 180-degree arc and locked into place at any point. It is combined with the three-position leg angle settings making this perfect for low-level macro photography.

The Benro System Go has other features including a built-in monopod and easy-to-use twist leg locks. Also, the standard screw-in rubber & stainless spiked feet and a high-quality padded tripod carry case.

However, It’s one of a handful of tripods that you can own for under 300 bucks. No matter what your photography skills this quality tripod is for amateurs and professionals.


  • Built-in monopod
  • Aluminum construction
  • Reverse folding twist-lock legs
  • Perfect for low-level macro photography
  • High-quality padded tripod carry case
  • Compact and versatile with a central column


  • At the top end of the size scale
  • You’ll need to get a head separately

4. MEFOTO RoadTrip

Actually, MeFOTO RoadTrip is not fit in the list of the best tripod under $300, but I keep it because of its user-friendliness.

For those who want a slightly lighter tripod than the Vanguard Alta Pro, the MeFOTO Roadtrip is an excellent alternative.

It is a compact travel camera tripod that folds up inversely and turns into a monopod. When incorporated with the MeFOTO SideKick iPhone tripod mount (not included), the RoadTrip makes a perfect choice.

Like most tripods, the MeFOTO Roadtrip’s legs can be set to three different positions: wide, standard, and accessible. The third of which is usually used for folding the legs up for backpacking.

This is accurate for panoramas that can easily be used in the scale for accurate image alignment.

The individual head tension and lock knob, as well as the pan lock help, make the right adjustment. It is also available in several colors.

Moreover, this Allows adjustment to prevent uneven pans and head movements.

The compact tripod legs can be inverted and folded back 180 degrees making it small enough to carry just about anywhere.

This is counted as a lightweight travel tripod that is very adept and can still handle most photographic situations.

It may not be as nifty as the Vanguard but the MeFOTO Roadtrip still has the cuts to get the job done.


  • Can still hold larger DSLRs
  • Quite light and packable
  • Can be converted into a monopod


  • Legs are not as durable as others
  • Can still suffer from a wobble at times

5. Benro Aero 4 

The most useful camera tripods under 300 specifically for video and traveling right now is the Benro Aero 4. It comes with a well-designed video head and a sturdy set of legs underneath it.

The Benro Aero 4 is more than capable of helping to create outstanding videos. Basically, It’s dedicated to travel vloggers who will need a specialized tripod to create the highest quality videos.

With this tool, For an extra measure of flexibility, the tripod legs can be independently locked into place at three different angles to enable shooting in cramped quarters, on irregular surface areas, or at ground level.

Also, the hook is located on the bottom of the center column, which allows you to hang extra weight from the tripod’s center of gravity for increased stability.

The Benro Aero 4 provides fine leveling control when the tripod is placed on uneven surfaces. This basically aids in achieving straight horizon lines for panning movements.

Also, the body of the Benro Aero 4 is designed very similarly to many other tripods in this tripod under the 300 guide. The Benro Aero 4 legs and central column are made of tough aluminum.

The Benro Aero 4 tripod is quite steady and doesn’t have much jitter too so long as your camera is no more than 9lbs.

At almost 6 lbs, the Benro Aero 4 is a bit on the heavy side though not as rich as some other professional-grade cinematography tripods.

You will have been thrilled with the lightweight, durability, and convenience of the Benro Aero 4.


  • Easy to set up and pack away
  • Well-performing tripod head
  • Still has the functions of a normal tripod


  • Quite heavy

6. Gitzo Mini Tripod (Noir Decor)

Gitzo is one of the best tabletop tripods for travelers. There is no special, groundbreaking technology involved with the Gitzo.

It will not blow you away with new or futuristic features. But the Gitzo does so well because of the quality of its parts and manufacturing. Like the best Italian food that you ever had, it’s all about the ingredients.

The Gitzo is a kind of tripod that is a compact support system with legs that fold around the center column and an optional head.

It is only 265g, I think it is the lightest mini tripod on the market. It also comes with high quality materials for great reliability and durability.

The Machined aluminum spider and head are able to support 3kg. Also, the two-leg angles for maximum stability on every occasion.

The Gitzo is dedicated to professionals & amateurs who use mirrorless or DSLRs with small lenses.

It provides great stability on a tabletop as well as on the ground and many other surfaces. It is the perfect photographic travel companion for those who want to travel light.

And it is fully equipped with reliable accessories that fit any photographic bag without taking up a large space.

However, this Gitzo tripod provides convenience and functionality during every outdoor photographic project.

Moreover, when you need a lighter solution, the detachable head is easily removed and the legs provide standalone support for up to 25 kg of gear.

The Gitzo mini tripod provides the best possible performance and is the highest in terms of minimum footprint, for low-angle shots.

However, If money isn’t an issue for you, then the Gitzo is the best tripod, period. It’s one of the lightest, sturdiest, most intuitive, and most attractive photographic accessories that you can own for under 200 bucks.


  • Very light and very sturdy
  • Just all around easy-to-use
  • The best that money can buy


  • Bit Expensive

Final Thoughts

Now it’s time to wrap up the list of the best tripod under 300 in 2023. After researching I have found the 6 best tripods that fit under 300.

As you can Imagine as a photographer you don’t know when you get the perfect opportunity to take stable shots.

That’s why A tripod should be the primary piece of kit that you simply buy after purchasing a camera (then a camera backpack).

They’re perhaps the foremost helpful tool in a very photographer’s arsenal. As such, you want to think wisely about what reasonable tripod you buy for your purpose.

Now you might ask which Tripod should I buy for under $300.

Each tripod on the list will appeal to a particular kind of photographer. However, Mirrorless shooters who want something portable and cheap might want to invest in a Manfrotto BeFree.

Perhaps you would like something a touch more suitable for a DSLR? In this case, maybe the MeFOTO Globetrotter is best.

In a nutshell, these 6 best tripod under 300 could meet all your required stability standards so you can pick any of those.

I hope this article has helped inform you of all you need to know about it.

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