Canon G7X Mark III Review 2023 (Is It Good for Vlogging)

Last updated on June 23rd, 2023

Is the Canon G7X Mark III good for vlogging? By far it is the best vlogging camera I’ve ever used in my life. However, Here is the ultimate Canon G7X Mark III Review that helps you to understand whether it’s good for vlogging or not!

As you might know; The Canon G7X Mark III updates Canon’s most popular compact with some unexpected features which will delight videographers and vloggers in particular. 

The Canon G7 X Mark III is a brand-new premium compact camera for enthusiast photographers and videographers.

So if you’re looking for a Canon G7 X Mark III review, you’ve come to the right place! Because in this guide you’ll know why it’s better and why you should pick this one.

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What is Canon G7 X Mark III?

The Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III is a high-end compact aimed at photography enthusiasts and vloggers. Announced in mid-2019, three years after the G7X Mark II, it keeps the 24-100mm f1.8-2.8 lens and much the same body.

But updates the sensor for faster shooting and uncropped 4k video, and becomes the first 1in a compact with a microphone input and the ability to live stream straight to YouTube.

The basic concept follows the same formula as its predecessors, not to mention Sony’s best-selling RX 100 series: to deliver better quality than your phone while remaining pocket-sized. T

They do this by using a larger 1 sensor coupled with a bright lens, a combination that can roughly match a basic DSLR or mirrorless camera when fitted with a standard f3.5-5.6 kit zoom.

 It’s this combination of quality and size that makes them so popular. After many generations of victimization identical detectors.

Canon’s equipped the G7X III with a stacked CMOS detector – identical twenty Megapixel resolution as before, but considerably quicker, allowing uncropped 4k video at 25 or 30p, 1080 video up to 120p, and fast bursts including a RAW mode at 30fps.

I’m guessing it’s the same sensor Sony used in the RX100 IV which means it lacks the phase-detect autofocus of the later Mark V, but at least you’re getting the video and burst upgrades.

The G7X III also lacks the built-in viewfinder of the Sony RX100 III onwards, but it zooms longer, has a touchscreen, and now features a microphone input as well as the chance to live stream over Wifi not to mention maintaining the vertical orientation of videos for IG TV if desired


  • Great video features
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Manual controls and Raw format shooting


  • No viewfinder
  • 4K not available in manual/semi-automatic modes
  • No headphone socket

The Canon G7X III Review In 2023

The G7X Mark III is the same size as the previous-generation model, but weighs 14 grams less than the Mark II and features the same 24-100mm-equivalent f/1.8-2.8 lens.

Furthermore, the Canon G7X III also looks very similar to its predecessor, save for some minor styling changes.

It maintains the lack of a viewfinder and keeps the small, pop-up flash on the left-side corner of the top deck.

Design and Features – (The Canon G7X Mark III Reviews)

It’s the video features that have seen the biggest upgrades here, with 4K shooting that’s been boosted by a faster Digic 8 processor than the G7X Mark II

Video-lovers will also rejoice at the fact that unlike some of Canon’s other models, such as the Canon EOS M50, the 4K video is uncropped, giving you the full scope of the lens to work with.

Canon G7X Mark III

An interesting new feature is that vertical video recording is supported, which is appealing if you primarily shoot for platforms like Instagram stories. 

On top of that, you can also live-stream to YouTube without having to go via a third-party app.

Being able to plug in an external mic is something that a lot of vloggers and video users had been asking for for a while, but it’s still not a perfect solution. 

With no hot or cold shoe to be seen on the G7X Mark III, there’s nowhere to mount your mic (or another accessory). 

Not such a big deal if you’re using a wireless radio mic, but otherwise it’s not the most elegant of solutions, and you’ll need to find a bracket to mount the microphone.

Canon G7X Mark III

While not a new feature, it’s worth also mentioning that the battery can be boosted by USB, which is useful for charging on the go, especially if you are using the video features a lot. 

There’s no headphone input socket, but given that the vast majority of vloggers are the subject of their own videos, and don’t wear headphones, this is unlikely to be a big deal-breaker.

The Image Quality of the Canon G7X Mark III

With a large sensor and a wide-aperture lens, we’ve always been big fans of the G7X series image quality – and as these features have not changed for the G7X Mark III, we had every confidence that the quality would continue.

Canon G7X Mark III reviews

Images display a good degree of dynamic range, with plenty of detail in most shooting conditions.

Having a wide aperture means you can create an attractive shallow depth of field effects, and you can also focus fairly close to your subject too.

On the whole, the all-purpose metering system does a good job of keeping exposures well-balanced, white the automatic white balance setting generally gets colors on the right side of accurate, too.

Canon G7X Mark III

Low light shooting is also pretty good, with a good degree of noise reduction being employed without removing too much detail. 

This is a camera that is being pitched as a vlogger’s camera, but it’s also a fantastic take-everywhere camera that puts in a good performance for stills shooters too. It’s a great travel camera.

Canon G7X Mark III

Screen and Viewfinder – The Canon G7X Mark III

Just like with previous G7X models, there’s no viewfinder on the G7X Mark III. If that’s a dealbreaker for you, then it’s worth checking out the G5X Mark II.

Canon G7X Mark III

The screen is one of the features of the G7 series that has appealed to vloggers before, and it’s the same here – it tilts to face all the way forward, which means you’ll simply compose your musings as you record video.

Canon G7X Mark III

A new feature for the G7X Mark III is the addition of an on-screen video record button, which is much handier than trying to position your hand in an awkward way to reach the dedicated button on the back of the camera.

You can also tap around the screen to change the focus point – both in video and stills as well as making changes in both the main and quick menu.

Should I Buy the Canon G7X Mark III?

Indeed, if you’re looking for a new trip or everyday camera, keeping an eye on the Mark II is a good way to save some money too. 

But if you’re a dedicated vlogger, the introduction of 4K video, along with the audio input, is a bit of a game-changer – and makes the G7X Mark III a great buy

Final Thought

The PowerShot G7X Mark III updates Canon’s most popular compact with some unexpected features which will delight videographers and vloggers in particular.

It keeps the earlier 24-100mm lens and much the same body and controls, but adds a 3.5mm microphone input, the chance to live stream directly to YouTube over Wi-Fi, and allows you to film the vertically-formatted video for Instagram Stories and other phone platforms.

The resolution remains 20 Megapixels, but the presence of a stacked CMOS sensor allows 4k video, 1080 slow motion up to 120p, and fast burst shooting at 20fps or in a RAW-only mode at 30fps.

The sensor is probably the same as Sony’s older RX100 IV which means the G7X III may gain 4k and extra speed. 

But sadly not the phase-detect AF introduced on the later RX100 Mark V which means the autofocus is less confident than the latest Sony Camera.

Strangely the G7X III also loses 24p video from its predecessor and lacks eye detection too.

Indeed the superior AF and popup viewfinder of the RX100 VA is hard to ignore, but then it costs one third more than the G7X III while lacking the mic input, live streaming, touchscreen, and slightly longer zoom range.

As such while there are some inevitable frustrations, Canon has debuted a number of unique features that will make the G7X III as popular as its predecessors. 

If you mostly shoot photos, you’ll prefer the longer zoom and viewfinder of the G5X II which still manages to undercut the RX100 VA, but if your focus is vlogging and general use without breaking the bank, the G7X III comes Highly Recommended.

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