GoPro Vlogging Setup 2022 (Best Accessories, Mic, & Tripod)

Last updated on June 28th, 2022

Actually, GoPro is designed to be super portable – which is really useful for vlogging. There are a number of reasons you would use GoPro for vlogging. A budget-friendly GoPro setup for vlogging so you don’t need to break your bank. Here’s everything you would know about the GoPro vlog setup. 

Why Use A GoPro For Vlogging?

Well, GoPros have many benefits when you compare them to other action cameras. They provide to be the best vlogging cameras in a very affordable budget. As an entry-level vlogger, it suitable to start vlogging with few hundred bucks. You might surprise to hear that, many famous YouTubers are using it for making daily vlogs. That’s why I am here to tell the benefits of using GoPro for vlogging.

Why use GoPro for vlogging
GoPro Setup for vlogging

Budget-friendly: At the very beginning we don’t have much budget buying costly vlogging set up. So GoPro here for you, you can literally upload your first travel vlog. 

Super Portable: GoPro is really super portable – which is really useful for vlogging. While other cameras are heavy or bulky, you can easily carry the GoPro in your pocket. Most of the GoPro users especially use it outside the home or frequent travel. 

4K resolution: Awesome, isn’t it? one of the most impressive things about the GoPro it has 4k resolution. Are you looking for a cheap 4K camera, then get GoPro! A little action camera gives you amazing 4K pictures? 

Easy to use: No doubt you want a camera with convenient. I know you just entered your vlogging career, so you need something useful. GoPro is super sturdy and easy to use. You can go wherever you want with this tiny camera. Don’t need a big set up. 

GoPro is small, lightweight, and relatively budget-friendly, so it got the basis of being an excellent setup. Don’t overlook other vlog setups people are using. They’re pretty large, heavy, and most importantly expensive, that actually out of your budget. 

Which GoPro is Best for Vlogging?

If you’re looking to try out the GoPro for vlogging, that’s the finest choice as a newbie. I know what are you thinking, – with any other camera in the world to choose from, why would I vlog with a GoPro? Well, Vlogging is not about costly camera set up, it about makes your audience. There is a lot of things that come after trial and error. You just learn how to start a vlog with the cheapest vlogging set up.

Which GoPro is Best for Vlogging?
Best GoPro for Vlogging


#1. GoPro HERO7 Black for Vlogging

Why I love GoPro hero 7 black. At the very beginning, I started my vlog with Gopro hero 7. I have a very cool GoPro hero 7 black set up for vlogging. Hero 7 black is the finest choice for vlogging. This compact-sized vlogging camera offers a wide range of qualities in a very affordable price range. The best action camera for all time. That’s why it’s on the priority list of many vloggers who wants to make vivid 4K videos with ease. 

 Which GoPro is Best for Vlogging?
GoPro Hero 7 Black for vlogging


Video Stabilization:

Stabilization one of the best solutions for videography, especially for travel vlog. It is an issue for many vlogging cameras especially when you are recording action stunts. GoPro has got a gimbal-like stabilization which means that it will be predicting your movements accurately.


GoPros are popular for a time-lapse mode. The best action camera comes with a special time-warping mode that lets you increase the speed of the camera for up to 30x so that you can convert long video clips into small shareable pieces.

Video Quality:

GoPro hero 7 black has got an ultra HD video quality. It is capable of shooting 4K videos at a steady 60 fps rate. This tiny camera comes with 12 megapixels image sensor for capturing vivid photos in low-light conditions easily.


Well, One of the best features in GoPro hero 7 black is its rugged design. You can use this camera underwater up to 33 ft. deep without any concern. Making underwater vlog becomes an easier task especially when you have got a GoPro for vlogging.

Live Streaming: People love live streaming, GoPro Hero 7 Black also comes with a live streaming mode. Through this mode, you can easily get live on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram to show off your action stunts easily.

After proper testing, I found a wired audio quality along with low battery life. However, for a couple of reasons I love GoPro hero 7 black, From a video recording point of view, the camera is perfect. For the vlogging purpose, it would be your best choice. CHECK THE BEST PRICE ON AMAZON

#2.GoPro HERO8 Black for Vlogging

Another ideal GoPro for vlogging which has made a positive impact on the lives of many action vloggers is the brand new Hero GoPro HERO8 Black. It is basically an upgraded version of GoPro Hero 7 and has got many amazing features as well.

Which GoPro is Best for Vlogging?
GoPro Hero 8 for Vlogging?


GoPro HERO8 Black comes in a very affordable budget. With a rugged and sturdy design, you can use this camera for every type of video recording as well.

Video Stabilization:

The stabilization might look a little too smooth at times, however, and take some of the realism out of the clips. GoPro Hero 8 Black lets you make stunning videos at a steady fps rate. You can record 4K videos shoot awesome time-lapse videos at night in 4K, 2.7K 4:3, 1440p or 1080p. Your videos have got proper color and along with 12MP photos.


The brand new Hero 8 Black is durable and sturdy. It can go underwater for up to 33 ft. deep so that you can make vlogs even in the watery environment. The vlogging camera is perfect for skateboarding and other water action sports. The battery lasts around 50 minutes when continuously shooting in 2.7 or 4K at high frame rates, but you can stretch that out to more like 2 hours for lower resolution footage or TimeWarp videos.

Updated Image Sensor:

The 12 megapixels updated image sensor lets you capture full HD photos as well. The camera comes with an up to date image sensor to ensure brightness and contrast in photos you capture.

Time-Lapse Mode:

The time-lapse mode is what most of the action vloggers love in this camera. You can mount this camera on any place of which you want a time-lapse and GoPro will do the rest of the job for you.

Editing Video Footages: 

The feature which is very limited in other vlogging cameras is also being offered by GoPro. just a few clicks you can Import the whole video footage. Create and share short video clips and edit burst and time-lapse photos. you can change the different settings of your video clips and can edit them on a basic level as well.


GoPro for vlogging with ideal specs is Hero 8 black which with an amazing set of features allows you to make 4K videos easily. Better buy it before it runs out of your hands. CHECK THE BEST PRICE ON AMAZON

#3. Hero 7 Silver for vlogging

Another version of GoPro Hero 7 Silver being introduced by GoPro is Session. The compact-sized camera is best suited for action vloggers but you can also make indoor vlogs with it. The best cheap action camera offers smooth 4K video and vibrant WDR photos. It offers similar capabilities to the Black, such as the fact that it can be taken 33 feet down underwater and still maintain its waterproof protection. It has a two-inch touch screen along with voice control.

Which GoPro is Best for Vlogging?
Hero 7 Silver for vlogging


The durable and rugged construction is all you will need to make underwater vlogs with ease. The GoPro Hero 7 Silver is an ideal choice for short budget action vloggers. The main differences between the Silver and Black are fairly negligible, such as the 10MP camera that comes with Wide Dynamic Range, rather than the 12MPs with SuperPhoto. It doesn’t offer as much variability in terms of the lower resolution recording.

One downside to the Silver is that it has a built-in battery, meaning that unless you don’t need to do too much shooting or you have a portable charging port that you don’t mind lugging around, you could struggle with battery problems. CHECK THE BEST PRICE ON AMAZON

Almost all GoPros are perfect for video recording. But according to specific situations, I have selected my top 3 picks as a newbie you can pick any of them. We all know GoPro as the famous brand for action cameras. However, that’s not the only way you can use them. The best overall combination of features and value for travel and adventure vloggers it could be your best choice 

What  Accessories do I use for GoPro Vlogging Setup?

GoPro makes an amazing action camera. But to get the most out of it, you’ll need a few GoPro accessories for vlogging set up. In this article, I cover the best accessories for GoPro vlogging, including tripods, mounts, POV, SD CARD vlogging, and the basics GoPro setup every GoPro user.

#1. SD Card: 

Buying an ideal SD card is necessary for any vlogging camera. Similarly, your GoPro vlogging set up will also need an SD card to store your photos and videos.

Accessories for GoPro Vlogging Setup
SanDisk 128GB @GoPro Vlogging Setup



The SD card that I use more often for my GoPros is SanDisk 128GB transfer speeds up to 170 MB in order to improve the performance of video saving and rendering. It will allow you to store and transfer 4K ultra HD and full HD videos like their tiny files. The SanDisk Memory Card even comes with a micro card reader for maximum convenience.  Check the Current Price.

#2. CASE:

The case is very necessary for GoPros. The case keeps your GoPro camera away from accidents and keeps the camera protected for a long period of time.

Accessories for GoPro Vlogging Setup
Kupton Waterproof Case @ GoPro Vlogging Setup


I have been usually using the Kupton Waterproof Case with my GoPro cameras as it’s by far the best housing case and is compatible with all GoPro models as well. No need to remove the cover lens before placing the camera in the housing. Just open the case, put in the camera, and then close the case. This design also provides better protection for your GoPro lens against accidental shocks. Check the current price

#3. Tripod

There many tripods on the market and are made to suit GoPro. Whether you’re shooting with a GoPro, CamKix Premium 3in1 covers your needs.

Accessories for GoPro Vlogging Setup
CamKix Premium 3in1 Tripod @ GoPro Vlogging Setup


It’s so small and compact that you can stuff it into the side compartment of a purse or shoulder bag. I have been using the tripod as it’s very easy to use and is compatible with all GoPro models. Read our Article 15 best GoPro tripod.

#4. The adapter I use for Audio

GoPro Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter Enables high-quality audio capture when using a pro-level external mic. It works great if you set it up properly.

Accessories for GoPro Vlogging Setup
GoPro Pro 3.5mm @GoPro Vlogging Setup


The adapter is bulky – no doubt about that! It fits well and it works well. No sound issues and the mic I use (Rode) sounds amazing with my Hero 7 Black. It can hook up to many different types of 3.5mm microphones to help you capture every word and sound while you’re on camera.

#5. Microphone

One of the good microphones I use for my GoPro video vlogging. Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone usually great for any video making. How much you like it will really depend on your specific reasons for buying it.

Accessories for GoPro Vlogging Setup
Rode VideoMicro@ Accessories for GoPro Vlogging


The intended purpose of this microphone is to offer you an improvement over your camera’s built-in microphone and to give you more of a directional mic in an extremely compact package. This is, however, a $50 microphone, and is at the bottom end of Rode’s product line of on-camera mics, so don’t expect miracles.

The Final Word:

Covering GoPro Vlog Setups for both the GoPro HERO7 Black and the GoPro HERO8 Black. Obviously, GoPro cameras are an ideal choice for making vlogs. They will cost you less and will work for many years to come. How good a GoPro For Vlogging is really the proof in real-life examples of videos created by everyone with them.

For better usage options, Above I recommend you to buy GoPro with extra accessories, regarding my experience. These are all of the vlog setups I use on my GoPro for vlogging. Best of Luck in selecting a perfect  GoPro vlogging camera for your future vlogs!

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