How to Start a Vlog in 2023 (Easy Guide for Beginners)

Last updated on June 16th, 2023

Vlogging shows no signs of slowing down. A vlog is the way of a video-formed blog. How to Start a Vlog, In this guide, we will show how to start a vlog in 2023.

Vlogging the word stands within the combination of video and logging. Vlogs are an unprecedented way for people to assist people in numerous aspects of their lives.

Not only does vlogging represent one of the foremost popular kinds of video content, but top vloggers offer unique advertising opportunities as brands still see influencer marketing as a way to break through the ad clutter. 

Marketers have perceived the incredible wield vloggers have over their audiences. With over a decade already written in its history, vlogging appears here to remain for the foreseeable future.

In this article, I’ve shared details, about how you can start a vlog and make money from it:

Let’s dive in!

Vlogging Definition:

In the earlier period of blogging, vlogs were called podcasts, a term that was meant to ask for both audio and video blog posts. Today both of the two have adopted their distinct nomenclature.

The word vlog is about the use by video streamers who don’t use a blog but post scheduled updates via other means like YouTube or Instagram; their profile often advertises them as vloggers. 

However, live broadcasts are available too, from websites like YouTube and Facebook, and people also are considered vlogs. A vlog is usually also called a videocast or vodcast. Motovlogs are vlogs made while riding a motorcycle. 

You can vlog anywhere that supports video content, but that’s not all you are going to need. The first step is to get determined where you want to blog, as in which website you should use to post your blog content. 

Types of Vlogs:

1. Live broadcasting Vlogs: YouTube announced a live broadcasting feature called YouTube Live 2008. This feature was also established by other social platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

2. Informative Vlogs: Video Vlog that is designed to teach the viewer a few particular subjects.

3. Personal Vlogs: The personal vlog is a web video that records a person delivering information that they are willing to introduce to people. The audience isn’t as varied as one from corporations or organizations.

4. Bereavement Vlogs: Video vlog that are designed to precise feelings of loss, grief, and mourning.

5. Conversational Vlogs: Video vlogs designed to be formal and to make a civil discussion.

6. Motovlog: Video vlog created while riding a motorcycle.

How to start a Vlog: Step-by-step Guide for Beginners

How To Vlog

1. Just Do It

Don’t overthink this! you’ll learn and improve as you go. Taking the first step will be trying, however, what does one have to lose? The additional vlogs you produce, the more well-off you’ll become before the camera.

2. Create Your Video Channel

Interested to be told a way to vlog on YouTube and discovered a video channel on YouTube. Add tags and do SEO for your videos. Many SEO experts help you to create your vlogs infinitely easier to search out.

3. Build a Vlogging Community

Similar to the method you connect with fellow bloggers on your blog, connect with fellow vloggers. 

You’ll do that by commenting on vlogs that address similar topics to yours, subscribing to YouTube channels, and welcoming vloggers to look at your content.

This way to be an eminent vlogger depends on your goals, what you are taking, and what you place intent on the community.

4. Keep Targeted

Say what it’s you have got to mention so stop cinematography. individuals have an associated implausibly short span. The second you discover yourself setting out to ramble, finish the clip. A good vlog is sometimes solely a few minutes long.

5. Get Off the Couch

Keep your audience interested in obtaining art wherever you film your vlog. Go outside, head to a coffee shop, or shut yourself off in your laundry room or toilet.

6. Ask a question

Similar to a blog post, the intent behind a vlog is to interact with your audience. you’ll accomplish this by asking your viewers their opinion on a subject or even a matter for associate approaching video. A way to do a vlog best is to come up with engagement.

7. Be Yourself

Remember that your viewers are looking as a result they already like your weblog. Keeping this in mind can assist you to form an attractive vlog and avoid becoming a robot behind the camera. Relax, smile, and talk about what you know.

8. Avoid shaking Your Camera

Rather than attempting to film yourself whereas holding your camera, invest in an exceeding tripod. Doing this can stop your audience from obtaining dizziness from strange camera angles. 

A tripod doesn’t cost much. You’ll choose one up at Target or Walmart for between $10 and $20.

9. Prepare

Spend a while thinking about what you wish to mention before you switch on the camera. perhaps even prepare some notes or an overview that you simply will discuss throughout filming.

10. Get Vlog Savvy

Before you start, take a while to visualize what vloggers do. Learn what style of instrumentation they’re using, however, they’re framing their photos, and the way they’re connecting with their audience. Mimic what you wish and feel most snug to you.

How to Start a Vlog in 2023 (step by Step)

How To Start Vlog (step by step)

There’s no denying that vlogs are the content of the instant. you may be feeling like you should begin one, and at a similar time, you will even be curious if it’s too late to find a way to vlog. 

How will your vlog stand out once there are over three hundred hours of footage uploaded each minute to YouTube already? Well, even as with blogging and podcasting, there’s invariably space for your distinctive voice and story to be detected through video content. 

Here’s why you must begin a vlog, and how to induce it off the ground. I am certain you figured, ‘vlog’ stands for ‘video journal’ and it’s specifically that: content that you simply would write a blog post on, however instead you seek advice from a camera about it.

There are 2 main varieties of vlog: a ‘talking head video wherever the camera is on a tripod and stays steady where the vlogger talks a couple of subjects, or a ‘follow ME around’ vlog wherever the vlogger can take a camera with them and film clips as they go regarding their day or week.

Selecting a Niche:

When you begin a journal, you wish to pick a distinct segment. Unless you’re implausibly known or fascinating, you have to select a topic or two to specialize in. The same rule applies to vlogging.

Certain sorts of topics work very well with video content. the most widespread vlogging categories are:

  • Makeup
  • Gaming
  • Food
  • Fitness
  • Unboxing
  • Tech reviews
  • Travel
  • Comedy

After selecting a niche buy domain and hosting for your brand.

That doesn’t essentially mean that your niche should represent one of those categories to achieve success, however, it’ll improve your possibilities of success.

Regardless of the niches, you’re considering, you must invariably validate that there’s a demand for your niche before choosing it. 

It’d most likely be a foul plan to vlog concerning observance paint dry since nobody is searching for videos of this.

To validate that there’s an inexpensive quantity of demand for the niche that you’re considering, you’ll have to be compelled to begin with keywords.

If you don’t have a keyword in mind, head over to, specifically the “YouTube” section. Enter a broad keyword, and it’ll spit out some slim ones that individuals search for on YouTube. 

Equipment and Home Studio (cost under $1,000)

Go look at the primary videos that any vlogger places out after they were starting, and also the quality isn’t wonderful.

That has vloggers with several subscribers nowadays. You’re aiming for high-quality videos, however, there’s plenty to be told over time.

Understand that your initial videos won’t be excellent, and build upon them.

However, if you wish to form the most effective videos possible and to try and do that you’ll want equipment. Here are the essential items you’ll need:

  • Camera
  • Microphone (if not enclosed on camera)
  • Tripod (“Support”)
  • Filter (optional)
  • Lighting (optional)
  • Green Screen (optional)

Most of its elective if you’re simply attempting to get started. Over time, you’ll probably notice that you simply want a lot of items to up your quality.

So how much will all this cost? Here’s a good video that breaks down a barebones setup for under $1,000. As an alternative, let me break down each bit of the kit quickly.

Start With a Camera

Without a camera, you can’t film a video, thus it’s pretty necessary. a number of the most recent phones do have high enough quality cameras for many forms of vlogs, however, you’ll still choose to get one dedicated to blogging.

How to start a vlog

The Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III could be a high-end compact geared toward photography enthusiasts and vloggers. 

The G7X Mark III could also be a pleasant very little camera with bags of choices and charm. It’s a pocket-friendly shooter with a one-inch detector, nice image and video quality, and several options that charm both still and video shooters. 

At $649 it’s not low cost, thus if you’re on a budget, verify the older model if you don’t want the advanced video options.

You may be able to notice discounts or sales sometimes, otherwise, you will rummage around for a second-hand one. 

This appears like plenty, however, it’s low cost for a “good” camera, and just about the minimum, you’ll want.

Get a Microphone

In most cases, you’ll want a microphone that’s sometimes connected to the camera. A good microphone is crucial for permanent sound quality.

It’ll acquire the sounds before the camera while obstructing the background.

how to start a vlog

These aren’t high-priced. As an example, the Rode microphone is under $100. There are even cheaper choices if you think that you’ll be photography in sensible sound conditions.

Get a Good Tripod

There are sure varieties of vlogs wherever the video doesn’t get to be steady on a tripod, however, they’re rare.

How to start a vlog

Any low-cost tripod ought to work on the initial. Most can be priced at around $20.

Need a Filter? (Optional)

A filter very helps lighting quality if you’re photographing in several environments, and they’re quite a low cost.

How to start a vlog

For example, you’ll be able to sometimes notice the Fotga ND filter for under $20.

Get Lighting Help? (Optional)

Ever notice why the photographs of your food never appear as if the ones on instruction sites? Lighting is one of the most important variations. 

how to start a vlog

Constant applies here. nice lighting could be a necessity for a good-quality video. to realize consistent quality, it’s a good plan to choose a lighting kit.

You can notice one for under $200. The more serious your typical lighting conditions are, the lot of necessary it’s that you simply get high-quality lighting.

Get Green Screen? (Optional)

Most vloggers don’t want a green screen, which can cost $50-100. It depends on the video format you’ll be creating, and it’s fully up to you if you wish it or not.

How to start a vlog

An alternative could be a ChromaKey led lightweight ring. This can be a ring that attaches to your lens and allows you to capture a green screen video while not the inexperienced screen. professionals use a grey screen; some even use a white wall.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Now, you can finally make your first video. This is often the hardest step in the process. Despite all of the preparation, many would-be vloggers get nervous when it’s time to hit that record button. 

If you would like your vlog to achieve success, you’ve got to begin somewhere. Use your outline to create your first vlog. Just relax and be yourself. YouTube users reward authenticity. 

They prefer it when vloggers are comfortable, natural, and having fun. We have some great vlogging tips that can help you feel at ease and make the most out of your time on-screen.

The first is to interact with your audience. Don’t consider your future viewers as simple numbers and statistics. They’re people with unique opinions and thoughts. Speak to the camera as if you were speaking to them directly. Ask questions and invite them to leave comments.

Next, don’t be afraid to have fun. Your video is not live, so take this opportunity to try new things and have a good time.

You can always watch the footage back later and remove anything you don’t like. The key is to not feel pressured to say the right thing in every sentence.

Another tip is to be personal. Again, YouTube users love it when people show personality in their videos.

It makes it easier to connect with the person on the opposite side of the screen. Convey personal stories and speak passionately about the topic.

Finally, think about using personal phrases to begin and end your blog. This is pretty common among the vlogging community. 

Most YouTubers have their signature phrase or hand gesture. It’s a pleasant personal touch that also becomes a part of your branding for brand spanking new videos in the future.

Take Some Time to Edit

Video editing is one of the foremost important parts of making an honest video. Some vlog channels have launched empires that support quirky editing alone.

You don’t have to come up with a groundbreaking editing style to be successful. But, you do need to make sure that things are clean and professional looking.

There are a ton of video editing software options on the market. While you can go all out and invest in Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro, you can also get a lot done with free apps on your Windows or Mac. 

You can even get away with using Windows Movie Maker or iMovie on your computer to make simple cuts. There are even some great apps for iPhone and Android that you can take advantage of if you recorded them on your smartphone.

During your edits, you should focus on making the video look as good as possible. Cut out any awkward silences and compile clips into one cohesive story. You can also edit graphics, perform color correction, and balance audio. How much editing you select to try to do is entirely up to you.

If you’re not that knowledgeable in editing, you can also hire contractors to get the job done for you. You can freely find freelance editors on gig sites. Just confirm that you simply present your ideas clearly so that they know what you’re after.

Upload and Optimize

Uploading a new video to your channel is pretty simple. Though, it may take some time depending on the resolution and overall file size. 

As you wait for the video to upload and render, you can start optimizing it to ensure that it’s seen. There are several ways in which you’ll do that. 

YouTube is, essentially, a large search engine that provides access to millions of videos. You can treat your video sort of a webpage and perform program optimization techniques to extend your exposure.

4 Kickstart Benefits of Vlogging

benefits of vlogging

If you have already got a journal or a podcast (perhaps even both), a vlog might open you up to an entirely new audience.

People wish to consume content in numerous ways and even as some prefer to browse or hear stories or recommendations, others choose to watch it.

More People are Observation

YouTube is changing into the main supply of diversion with additional and additional people selecting to observe YouTube videos over ancient tv or perhaps Netflix.

On YouTube most of the time we’re not seeing actors, however, real people and their real lives, creating content way more relatable.

Build a Private Connection

It’s a lot easier to create a private reference to your audience through vlogging than it’s through writing or podcasting.

There’s one thing significant concerning seeing somebody speak to you, though it’s through video! Once your vlog, you are letting somebody in to visualize a big piece of your life or thoughts.

Build Audience Loyalty

If you have already engineered AN audience elsewhere, vlogging can assist you to build loyalty by connecting with them on an additional personal level.

And if you are brand new to the content game, vlogging on YouTube could be an excellent place to start because the platform is additionally the world’s second-largest program.

Over one billion hours of video are watched daily on YouTube. meaning you will be uploading your content to wherever people are already trying to find it. 

I will note here that the one drawback to putting together a following on YouTube is that, in contrast to your website or email list, you do not have possession of your audience. 

The sole thanks to deliver content to them are by commercial enterprise videos or via YouTube’s messaging system, each of which has its flaws.

But this simply implies that you wish to try and do the work to bring a YouTube subscriber over to your email list.

Owing to the loyalty, you’ll build through vlogging, your core audience can follow you to alternative platforms, thus you must consider YouTube subscribers as heat leads for your alternative come.

Smartphones Simplify Vlogging Practices

Smartphones Simplify Vlogging Practices

As smartphone technology progressed particularly in the smartphone, camera advancements, vloggers could now begin to forgo video camera equipment and easily add up their smartphones to capture a greater sort of content beyond simple desktop videos or bedroom filming.

It was also at this point that recording equipment began to evolve. As the equipment became more portable, mobile technology has not only facilitated Vlogging but has also proved to be the ideal platform for consuming bite-sized chunks of content.

The Bottom Line

Digital video viewing is taking an ever-increasing percentage of people’s time, with most of the growth fueled by mobile devices.

More than 75% of worldwide video viewing happens via mobile. The rise of Snapchat and Facebook Live can both be seen as collections of the vlogging movement.

Both were made feasible by the evolution of smartphones, which facilitated both the creation and consumption of video content. Snapchat, in its current form, is a tool for micro-vlogging.

Looking back, vloggers play a semantic role in fueling and defining the initial demand for online video content.

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